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Welcome to my new blog page!


Well, Here it is...

Terri Kruse

Welcome to my "new" little space on the internet.

You might have noticed, if you frequent my former blogspace, that I have been a bit absent there. Well, it was a productive absence. I have set up shop here on Squarespace. I have been wanting to move to a more personal space for a while and I just decided to take the plunge just in the past few weeks. So, I've been working rather hard on it and as I learn more, I am hoping to evolve this into a fun little place.

You might notice a "Designs" section. This is where my designs will be shown. It is a gallery of self-published designs that I have put together into one place. When you click on the pictures, it will lead you to the Ravelry page for each design. I don't have all of them up yet, but I will be adding them in as the weeks go on. As you can imagine, it is a bit labor intensive!

So, I hope you will all find your way here in the next few weeks and I hope to do some more blogging than usual. It may not all be about knitting all the time. I might try to keep you on your toes a bit.