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Welcome to my new blog page!


All Angles and a KAL.

Terri Kruse

I have a new pattern out! Finally! It's not the one I expected to have out first, but, there you go. I love, love, love this sweater. It's summer friendly and can be "stash" friendly. Let me explain that...By stash friendly, I mean, I knit my size (33") with a skein of stash yarn and leftover yarn from my Lime Gelato

The sweater is knit from the bottom up. With short rows to shape the triangle at the bottom. Then biased striping is worked to create the "angles". 

It is quite a bit of fun to knit up. Here I am wearing the 33 with about an half inch to inch of negative ease. If you prefer a less fitted look, you can always add some ease by knitting a larger size.

This one was a long time coming...It has been a busy summer around here and to be honest, I've been spending as much of it outside of my house as possible :) Unfortunately, that means less work is getting done. But, were all squared away now. I've got a lot coming.

I will also be starting a new KAL. You will have approximately a week and a half to get ready. We will start the Back 2 Cool KAL on Monday, August 24th. Until then, please stop  by my group on Ravelry, The Tofu Shack, for more details. I can tell you that all of my patterns will be on sale until the end of August. Use code BACK2COOL at checkout. 

Sometimes, I mess up.

Terri Kruse

This post was going to be about what I have on my needles currently and the projects that I have coming out soon, but last night I discovered something on one of my designs in progress. To give you a little background on it. It is a kid's pullover (THANK GOODNESS it was the kid version), with a cable that runs down the front, nice little placket, pocket...etc. Anyways, I discovered that during the raglan increases, I messed up the cable, badly (I'm blaming being sick...). There was no recourse other than frogging all the way back.


I mean, look at the picture. I can see the mistake now. For some reason it escaped me for approximately a week. Why am I going on about this? Because, I don't want you to feel alone dear knitter. It happens to all of us. Even those of us who do this for a living. As a designer, I frog a lot. I am not even talking about "design" frogging. I'm talking about the boneheaded misreading (as in my case) of a chart or a missed yarnover or accidentally picking up a stitch somewhere. It happens to all of us, so don't feel bad. Take solace in the fact that you are not the only one who has had to frog back 3-200 skeins worth of yarn. Trust me...I had choice words. It is back to this stage now (below).

What is on my needles? Well, lots of things. Some of them for a long period of time. I love handknit socks. Love them. I love knitting them, but sometimes I start them and then set them aside forever...or a few weeks, months. These socks have been on the needles for several months and I love them and want to finish them, but who knows when that will happen. There is so little left, too. Really, I just have the toe and afterthought heel. That's like, nothing...

Next up is my son's Teddy Sweater. In case you don't know the story on this. When I knit the original sample, my son was not interested. So, I didn't make it in his size. However, after I finished, he begged me for a red one with a black, I obliged. Trying to upsize this a bit to fit for next year. and I am about halfway through the pocket, which is not bad considering how much time I've spent on it.

And what is coming up. I will have a lighter weight, colorwork, short sleeved sweater coming out this month. It is about as "happy" as it can get. It has just a bit of of rainbow going on in the yoke. So, look for that soon. I would say another week or so. If you sign up for my blog post/newsletter below. You will get notice whenever I release something and quite possibly some extras along with it...I will have some more news about that coming soon!

Well, Here it is...

Terri Kruse

Welcome to my "new" little space on the internet.

You might have noticed, if you frequent my former blogspace, that I have been a bit absent there. Well, it was a productive absence. I have set up shop here on Squarespace. I have been wanting to move to a more personal space for a while and I just decided to take the plunge just in the past few weeks. So, I've been working rather hard on it and as I learn more, I am hoping to evolve this into a fun little place.

You might notice a "Designs" section. This is where my designs will be shown. It is a gallery of self-published designs that I have put together into one place. When you click on the pictures, it will lead you to the Ravelry page for each design. I don't have all of them up yet, but I will be adding them in as the weeks go on. As you can imagine, it is a bit labor intensive!

So, I hope you will all find your way here in the next few weeks and I hope to do some more blogging than usual. It may not all be about knitting all the time. I might try to keep you on your toes a bit.